Wednesday, June 8, 2011

some day I will blog again...

Can I be anymore inconsistent? Probably. But my intentions are good. I've been super busy with ballet and soccer and full time work. Oh yeah, and moving. Can you believe it has been a month and we still aren't unpacked?

We are getting there, but it's hard with my hubby and I both working full time and a kiddo to entertain. You can only get so much done on the weeknights and the weekends are for family there you have it.

About 90% of me feels like I should just have a big yard sale and get rid of all the stuff I haven't touched in the last month, if it's still boxed up I must not need it that bad right? I will have to look in to that this weekend!

Plus my hubby did say today that if I got rid of all my extras I can get an iPad!! Hello blogging on the go! That would be pretty cool! So I guess he meant sell all my stuff to pay for it....hrmmm.

Moving on...I just wanted to pop in and say hello!

I have been logging (not blogging) all of my coupon purchases though so that you can still see my savings even though I haven't been posting.

After the crazy pasta deal at Smiths though nothing seems as good a deal if it isn't free!

I hope to have my pics uploaded soon and will be posting all my great finds!

Thanks for stopping by!

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