Friday, March 18, 2011

So it's Friday. My mind has been going about a million miles an hour lately. I've started two new businesses and continue to work full time and be a Mommy full time. The work-life-family scale has been tipped this way and that, and still doesn't seem to be balancing out.
I've been avoiding posting anything because I haven't really felt I had anything blog worthy to talk about.
I have a lot to say. I wish I was able to report that I have been doing a lot, but my plans have been put on hold temporarily.
With the economy the way it is, my parents have found themselves in a pickle and will be relocating back to Utah to live with me and my family. Hopefully this is more on the temporary side.
They lived here once before and when my Dad relocated my Mom stayed here. Most people would find this to be a great scenario. But it wasn't. My Mom has never been very "grandma-ey" and reminded us daily that she is not a built in babysitter. Which is funny because when she stayed she promised to watch my daughter part time so she wouldn't go to daycare full time. That lasted about a month. Anytime we wanted to go out as a couple, or even if I just wanted to go out (my husband had an odd schedule) it was hell to pay to have her watch my kiddo. She'd agree with enthusiasm and then when it came down to me actually needing to leave I had to wait and wait and wait for her to emerge. Often times being late to wherever I was going. her living with us ended after a huge blowout with her and my husband and her perception that she is somehow entitled to respect but didn't need to give it.
My Mom and I had always been close. I love her very much. But now that I am a parent, of all people, I expected her NOT to judge me.
Hopefully with my Dad here- things will be smoother.
Which brings me to my next item, not only are they moving in with us- we are taking the finished basement and they are taking my main level!! Yikes! The stuff we do for family right?
So my decorating and organizing projects have been put on hold for a while since I am hauling all my stuff downstairs...where there is no full kitchen...

But I do have some things coming up! I have a bunch of fun RIBBA frames from IKEA for a gallery wall. I have new bedding..that I will need to exchange for a different size...and I will get to redecorate my daughters room as I move her bedroom in to where her playroom is! So those are some exciting things coming up!

While we wait here are some fun inspiration photos!

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