Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Google Images Search

Good morning!

How is everyone? I am tired. I went to the Jazz game last night, then this morning, I hit Target before they opened to pick up my copy of Tangled! Myself and three other Mom's were there waiting when they unlocked the doors. It's a good thing too because the Target up in Centerville was out of the 4 Disc pack within 45 minutes! I got my copy for a few cents over $15.00 using 2 coupons and my Target debit card which gave me 5% more off!

If you don't have a Target DEBIT card, I highly recommend getting one. It links directly to your checking account so its not a credit card. They don't charge interest and they don't pull your credit to get it.

You get 5% off ALL purchases and the money just comes right out of your checking as if you paid with your checking card! Awesome right? Pair that with manufacturer's coupons and Target coupons that you can "stack" and you can get some pretty awesome deals! Plus every once in a while Target has some deals where if you buy a certain number of items say- 5 boxes of Pop Tarts, you get a $5 giftcard. And usually those items are on sale too. I did the Pop Tart one once and got 5 boxes of Pop Tarts at $2.00 each, then got a $5 giftcard. Now imagine if I'd had coupons AND my extra 5% off?

Anyway- I love Target- and I am not getting paid to say that! :o)

So I was going to make today a "Tailored Tuesday" and talk about furniture and my upcoming move to my basement. But I decided {while looking for images} to talk about the Google Images search option.

We've all heard of Google right? You just type in what you want and hit search.

Have you ever noticed that there are different options for your Google search? Like images or maps or videos?

Well if not, let me introduce you to Google Images!

Just select the images button,tab, link- whatever your browser has. Then type in your search criteria and VOILA! A ton of images come up!

So for today's original post idea I was going to show some images of tufted ottomans.

I typed it in, hit 'search' and tons and tons of beautiful {and some not so much} tufted ottomans came up on my screen!

How is that for going out to the webland to get inspiration?

Here is an example of my "tufted ottoman" search:

Sorry it looks a little distorted. I tried to manipulate the size in the HTML coding but since its a webpage it just started to pixelate.

Anyway, if you look up in the top left hand corner of my screen shot {click the pic to make it bigger} you can see that the word images is highlighted or bold. So you click on that, then type in your search criteria, in this case tufted ottoman and hit search and there it is!

Here is another example:

You can literally do this for anything! So awesome! Whenever I want to google anything- I always, always, always do an images search as well!

And...just to add more awesome-ness to your searches, Google also has a BLOG SEARCH FUNCTION!

You can do this by clicking on the word more up there in the left top corner and there is an arrow drop down, then select blog and it will pull in any blogs that have the words kids room in them. Then you will notice on the left that there are options such as post times and things like that. The more button is also located on the left of the screen when you are in images mode.

Easy Peasy and the inspiration options are endless!

So go out there and search to your hearts desire!!!

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thematic Thursday...

Thematic Thursday…

Welcome to my first ever Thematic Thursday!! Thematic Thursdays will happen every Thursday and will be focused on one theme or subject.

This week I am going to talk about kid’s beds and how to get the look of Pottery Barn Kids for less. I will reveal the tricks that Pottery Barn Kids uses to make their beds look so fantastic for their photo shoots, and show you how you can achieve the look with less effort and less money spent! That is something we can all live with right?

Whenever I am browsing out on the web for decoration inspiration for my daughter’s room, I always come across these fabulously made beds. No matter how hard I try I can never achieve the same look. Any guesses as to why?

First- because we don’t style our kiddos rooms for photos everyday.

Second- Because we don’t style our kids rooms everyday, we have the basics- one to two pillows, a sheet set and a single comforter/duvet.

Let’s take a look at the photo below and see if we can identify what sets this bed apart from our own:

See how fluffy and full it all looks? This is a photo highlighting a quilt. As you can see though, it sure looks like there is a lot more than a quilt under there. That is because there is a big fluffy comforter under the quilt. You can see it in the photo below- its pink and in between the quilt and the top sheet. See?

The items pictured on this bed include:

Standard sleeping pillow
Standard pillow {sham}
Euro pillow {sham}
Duvet cover
Down insert
Brooke Sheets
3 pillow inserts for shams listed above
Tulle bed skirt
2 decorative owl pillows
One small sqaure pillow and insert

For your bed to look like this it will cost you $755.00 at Pottery Barn Kids. That includes everything listed above if purchased from PBK. This is for everything pictured in the second picture. Bedding only, no furniture.

By the way…all of this is pricing for a twin bed.

If you have two or three kids and you are on a budget- like most of us are, that is WAY TOO MUCH to spend on bedding for your kids, that let’s face it, can care less if they spill, color on or generally make it dirty.

If you are not shopping for a quilt you will see a bed like this:

This is the bed set my kiddo has. I love it. I loved it so much, I sold some stuff on eBay to get it, to create the “perfect” first time big girl bed.

Imagine my surprise when I got home and put it all together and her bed didn’t look perfect like this!

Want to know the trick? They have TWO comforters in the duvet cover! Easy Peasy! It is all about layering, but I assure you, this can be accomplished on a budget.

This bed has cute sheets that for a twin cost $59.00 a set. I don’t have these sheets. I have flannel polka dot sheets that I got on sale at Target for $10 and my kiddo’s bed is a full size.

See if I’d gone with PBK sheets it would have been $79.00, seriously- for 200 thread count cotton sheets? For a kid? I don’t think so friends.

Now PBK is known for their oh so cute bedding, that makes you want to sell something just so you can get it. You get the catalog and most times unless you are lucky on eBay, you absolutely cannot find the same prints someplace else. So you have to compromise.

Here are the things you can get to achieve a fluffy, full Potter Barn-esque bed:

{I picked a look-a-like similar to the first photo with the owls and trees}

The first pick is all of the items on the first owl bed...








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And below are some cute Target finds that feature the owl/woodsy theme, and come in at a price set to afford more decorative accessories!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

So it's Friday. My mind has been going about a million miles an hour lately. I've started two new businesses and continue to work full time and be a Mommy full time. The work-life-family scale has been tipped this way and that, and still doesn't seem to be balancing out.
I've been avoiding posting anything because I haven't really felt I had anything blog worthy to talk about.
I have a lot to say. I wish I was able to report that I have been doing a lot, but my plans have been put on hold temporarily.
With the economy the way it is, my parents have found themselves in a pickle and will be relocating back to Utah to live with me and my family. Hopefully this is more on the temporary side.
They lived here once before and when my Dad relocated my Mom stayed here. Most people would find this to be a great scenario. But it wasn't. My Mom has never been very "grandma-ey" and reminded us daily that she is not a built in babysitter. Which is funny because when she stayed she promised to watch my daughter part time so she wouldn't go to daycare full time. That lasted about a month. Anytime we wanted to go out as a couple, or even if I just wanted to go out (my husband had an odd schedule) it was hell to pay to have her watch my kiddo. She'd agree with enthusiasm and then when it came down to me actually needing to leave I had to wait and wait and wait for her to emerge. Often times being late to wherever I was going. her living with us ended after a huge blowout with her and my husband and her perception that she is somehow entitled to respect but didn't need to give it.
My Mom and I had always been close. I love her very much. But now that I am a parent, of all people, I expected her NOT to judge me.
Hopefully with my Dad here- things will be smoother.
Which brings me to my next item, not only are they moving in with us- we are taking the finished basement and they are taking my main level!! Yikes! The stuff we do for family right?
So my decorating and organizing projects have been put on hold for a while since I am hauling all my stuff downstairs...where there is no full kitchen...

But I do have some things coming up! I have a bunch of fun RIBBA frames from IKEA for a gallery wall. I have new bedding..that I will need to exchange for a different size...and I will get to redecorate my daughters room as I move her bedroom in to where her playroom is! So those are some exciting things coming up!

While we wait here are some fun inspiration photos!