Wednesday, June 8, 2011

some day I will blog again...

Can I be anymore inconsistent? Probably. But my intentions are good. I've been super busy with ballet and soccer and full time work. Oh yeah, and moving. Can you believe it has been a month and we still aren't unpacked?

We are getting there, but it's hard with my hubby and I both working full time and a kiddo to entertain. You can only get so much done on the weeknights and the weekends are for family there you have it.

About 90% of me feels like I should just have a big yard sale and get rid of all the stuff I haven't touched in the last month, if it's still boxed up I must not need it that bad right? I will have to look in to that this weekend!

Plus my hubby did say today that if I got rid of all my extras I can get an iPad!! Hello blogging on the go! That would be pretty cool! So I guess he meant sell all my stuff to pay for it....hrmmm.

Moving on...I just wanted to pop in and say hello!

I have been logging (not blogging) all of my coupon purchases though so that you can still see my savings even though I haven't been posting.

After the crazy pasta deal at Smiths though nothing seems as good a deal if it isn't free!

I hope to have my pics uploaded soon and will be posting all my great finds!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Today is the day...

Well is the big day. My parents will be here and its about to get crazy. We woke up at like 6 am to get our little girl up and ready for the day and to get her off to school.
I of course hit the internet during my wake up time to see what the couponing happs might be this morning.
I'm enjoying coffee and the Today show, which I haven't done in a long time since I am usually in a really big rush to get out the door for work.
I spotted a couple of good coupons, but they are just duplicates of ones I already have.

I did notice yesterday though that the Clean and Clear facewash is on price cut at Target. It is now $3.99 and if you are lucky you have a $2.00 coupon and a B1G1 Free coupon to combine making two $2.00 or $1.00 each. Pretty good considering that just last week they were $5.00 each!

Anyway- just wanted to pop in before things get hectic.

So if I don't get back before the weekends up, Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Soup....from pasta sauce???

Creamy Tomato-Vodka Soup

• Servings: 8
• Cook Time: 1 Hour & 30 Minutes
• Prep Time: 20 Minutes
• 1 jar (24 oz.) Classico® Four Cheese Pasta Sauce
• 1 tablespoon(s) extra-virgin olive oil
• 2 onions, sliced
• 2 to 3 small cloves garlic, smashed and peeled
• 1 jar 32-ounce (4 cups) vegetable broth
• 1 jar 28-ounce Italian plum tomatoes, with juice
• 1/4 cup(s) vodka
• 6 sprigs flat-leaf parsley
• 1 teaspoon(s) salt
• 1 teaspoon(s) sugar
• 2 cup(s) half-and-half
1. In a large pot, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add onions and garlic and cook 1-2 minutes. Add remaining ingredients except for the half-and-half. Cover and simmer for 30-60 minutes, stirring occasionally.

2. Using an immersion blender or a food processor, puree the soup in batches (be careful—the liquid is hot). Stir in the half-and-half. Cook in the covered pot on low heat until heated through, 20 to 30 minutes.

This recipe is from Classico in their recipe section, I saw it in a magazine and thought it looked delicious!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moving is taking away from my couponing obsession!!!

Hello! It's been a few days...again. We are on our last stretch our new house mates will be here this week.

So the last week had of course flown by and we are in the midst of complete chaos!

Luckily, at this point all of our furniture is moved. All that is left is clearing out the kitchen- which I was saving for last so we can still eat. Which, ironically we have done nothing but EAT OUT for a week! And our bathroom and closet stuff.

We are going from a bedroom sized bathroom and large walk in closet to a closet sized bathroom and a bedroom that is smaller than our bathroom- how is that even possible?

Anyway, I did go to Target for a couple of things Saturday night. I didn't get any of the Nivea body wash because there was only one bottle left, and it made me feel weird, like, why is there only one here? While I was thinking about that, some creepy guy walked up and said hi to me? Then he happened to be everywhere I was in the store, until I ditched him and left!

While I was there I got some orange juice for $1.69, TWO Bertolli Pasta Sauces for $1.48 (.74 each) after coupons. I used 2- 0.75/1 and 1- $1.00/2 Target coupon for a total of $2.50.

I love getting pasta sauce on sale. It lasts usually a year or two and you can dress it up for different dishes, use it on pasta, spaghetti squash, pizza's, as a dip and...drum roll a soup base!! Can I get a woot woot!!! I will post a recipe for that soon

Maybe later today or tomorrow.

I got a couple of other things, but the pasta sauce was the most exciting!

So I went and got my 2 papers Sunday and really, no coupons seem as good to me as that Nivea coupon we got a couple weeks back! That was epic! Body wash for four cents? Yes please! But there were some good ones in there- I won't complain. I especially like the ones with far out expiration dates so that I can match them with sales.

I was online and in coupon mode when my husband said to me "Maybe you shouldn't coupon this weekend, we have so much to do", what? Tell a couponer not to coupon?

That's like telling dough not to rise! Who's with me? I had tried doing my couponing late Friday night when it shouldn't matter to anyone what I am doing anyway...I stayed up until 2 AM organizing my little gems!!

I can't wait to get past this big move this weekend and get my coupon on in full force again!!

How was your weekend? Any good deals?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, the past couple of days I haven't hit a store or been searching aggressively for coupons.

I am worn out!

Tonight we got all of my kiddos stuff moved down to the basement and her room upstairs cleared out.

It's a nice feeling to have something actually done!

I did send the hubby to Smiths to get some more cereal since today is the last day of their General Mills cereal deal. It's buy 4 for $10 and get a $5.00 gift card back. If you have coupons for the cereal it makes it an even better deal.

I was caught off guard and didn't have my arsenal of coupons- I only had two because I had diminished my supply with this deal the previous week.

It's even a good deal though without coupons so don't feel terrbily bad going in there without a plan of stacks.

I just wanted to touch base and give an update! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Couponing the WRONG way!

Couponing the wrong way? Is that possible?

Yes, yes it is. The point of couponing is to save money. If you buy things just because you have a coupon- well, you are spending more money to "save" money. In the long run, buying things just because you have a coupon results in more spending and more clutter.

This all never occurred to me until this weekend. I don't typically buy things I don't need so I haven't really fallen prey to this. Now, I mentioned in my previous post that I did have some random items in my purchase piles. Anything from food to household to mini first aid kits. But- the food we will eat and the mini first aid kits we will put in our cars.

I know I will use everything I purchase, and I almost never purchase anything just because I have a coupon. Here are my rules I follow:

I ONLY buy things now if I have a coupon, unless:

- It's produce or dairy that I cannot get a coupon for. Milk, fresh fruit and veggies.
- It's an item you RARELY see a coupon for such as milk, fresh fruits and veggies or clothing.
- It's an emergency.

There are a few exceptions that I make. These exceptions include my personal splurge items like really fancy shampoo, entertainment (I do look for coupons) and a couple other things that I allow myself a splurge on.

Next, when I have coupons, I am buying things I am in the market for. I'm not just out buying because I have a coupon. I get regular things that we need and use. Food, paper towels, toilet paper, personal care items, etc. I guess what I am saying is, I don;t get a coupon and think that I have to go buy it because I got that coupon.

On the rare occasion that I get something that I don't normally use it falls in to these categories:

It's something that I know we will use and is not clutter, for example food.

It's something we use, just another brand, i.e. we usually buy Kraft but I can get a really good deal and multiples of Market Pantry brand for less.

It's something we will use and I want to try, i.e. my recent purchase of Glade Spring room sprays. I don't normally use random room sprays, I use Scentsy products and that includes their room sprays. However- the Scentsy room spray leaves a film of oil all over when I use it, which causes my wood and tile floors to become super slick. This room spray smelled really good {I got the green one that is lime and ginger} it didn't smell like my grandma's house, it doesn't leave a film, and it didn't cost $8 a small bottle either. Sometimes when guests are coming and I didn't have a lot of notice, it's nice to run around and spray the house to freshen it up and not have to worry about a slip and fall hazard! :)

I realized a lot about my shopping habits this weekend and what type of couponer I want to be.

In this economy I want to have a nice food storage, but not so huge that it takes up my whole house.
I want to have a good supply of personal care products and household items so that I can pull from my stock, and stock up at good sales.
I want to accomplish this by spending the least amount of money possible. And when I can, donate what I can to my local food bank and homeless shelters. I can't stand the thought of kids going hungry.

My good friend and I have both always used coupons. Over the past couple of months I think we have both relied on them a little heavier.

This is where I give you examples of how you can coupon the wrong way. Now, don't take me the wrong way- I love my friend dearly- I just thought it was a really good example for my post.

My friend and I made two trips to Target this weekend. Each time we were using coupons.

On our first trip, I spent about $26.00. I had a coupon for all but three items in my cart- and those items were from the dollar section.

My friends bill was $95.00- she also had coupons, but I chalked it up to her just buying a lot more than me and also buying quite a few things that she didn't have coupons for.

We went out again later that evening.

This time everything I purchased had a coupon, or stack of coupons with it. When all was said and done, I left there spending less than twenty bucks. {$20.00}

I was done shopping about 15 minutes in. We spent over an hour of time with her going from aisle to aisle, looking at things and contemplating purchase- JUST BECAUSE SHE HAD A COUPON FOR IT. Stuff she didn't even use and probably didn't need.

What was she looking at? Well, she stared at baby food for about 10 minutes. She had a coupon for some random brand. If you bough 2 items at $3.99 each, you could get $1.00 one of their other products. So right there you are spending $8.00 to save $1.00. At that point if you really want to try the item- just buy the one that you wanted to get the dollar off of. That seems obvious right?

It was obvious when I had a coupon to get $1/1 Mars candy item. I wanted M&M's {which I later got free anyway} that were $2.69 each, I had to spend $5.38 to get the dollar off,making them $4.68 for the two. I didn't need two so I just bought one and left my coupon on the shelf so someone else could use it.

So after leaving the baby food aisle she had to go look at Fisher Price toys guessed it...she had a coupon. But guess what? She didn't even need a toy. So she sat there in the aisle for a good 15 minutes deciding on what to get- then ended up "just getting something"...something she didn't even want or need, just to use the coupon.

Then there was the cosmetics aisles. She bought a few random cosmetic items she never usually uses..because she had coupons.

Now why didn't I say anything? Two reasons- I didn't really think about it at the time, and I didn't want to offend her. But at our weekly coupon meeting, I may bring it up. I will gently remind her that there are lots of coupons she may not use, and that there will always be other coupons out here.

Her checkout at the second Target cost her another $100. I wonder what she would have actually saved if she'd only gotten what she uses and what she needed?

Do you think she is really saving money using coupons? Or do you think the couponing is hurting her budget and her bottom line?

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Weekend Couponing...

So I had another great deal weekend. I got quite a few things on the cheap, with a few freebies and a couple of items as low as FOUR CENTS!

I've loaded up some pictures so you can see what I got over the weekend. When I was reviewing my pictures, I did notice that there are a few random things in my lots, but I do have a tid bit on my justification for them- that will be in my next post.

Here is my first picture I am sharing:

So Target occasionally has these great deals happening where if you buy a certain number of select products you get a $5.00 gift card.

Both the Mrs. Meyers and the Always pads pictured above were part of one of those deals.

I had coupons for both which made them even better.

Here are the break downs for each "deal" above:

Mrs. Meyers- buy 4 get a $5 gift card, I had 4 $1 off 1 coupons making the equation:

$3.99 x 4 = $15.96 - $4.00 = $11.96

Factor in the $5.00 GC I am getting back, that makes this deal $6.96 or $1.74 each for a great product!

Always Pads- buy 3 get a $5 gift card, I had 2 $1 off 1 coupons making the equation:

$5.14 x 3= $15.42 - $2 = $13.42

Factor in the $5.00 I am getting back and that makes it $8.42 or $2.80 each!

** I used to not buy this whole things are cheaper when you get a gift card or rewards back because your out of pocket is still that of the total you spent. Then I learned that instead of hoarding my gift cards- if I use them that week in place of my "budgeted" grocery money, it really is making my total out of pocket (OOP) less in the big scheme of things.**

Next is the Dove Men Care Body wash. I found these on clearance for $1.98 a piece and happened to have my 2 $1/1 coupons making them .98 each! 98 CENTS PEOPLE! :o)

And my last item in this trip was the Degree deodorant. I had a MFG $1/1 Q, and a $1/1 TARGET Q {Gotta love those stacks} which made this item free because the regular price is $1.97.

My total OOP this trip was $27.34 without tax....but then I used my Target RED debit card and got another 5% off.

I love Target, I always have- I don't work for Target and they do not compensate me at all to post about them or their credit and debit cards. I just really think it is awesome all the ways you can save, including with a RED card!

These deals are the most exciting to me:

General Mills cereal select varieties are 4 for $10.00 and get a $5.00 gift card this week at Smith's. Again, factor in coupons and that makes anything better right?

So here is what I spent:

Of course I am at work and left my receipt at home- so in an effort to finish my post I am pretty confident that I spent $24.32 OOP and received $15.00 in gift cards which makes this equation:

$24.32- $15.00 GC= $9.32/ 12 boxes = .77 per box. 77 CENTS PER BOX!!

If I am off on that I will edit it when I get home. But I know that it was pretty close.

Of course I can't get enough of this deal which ENDS TOMORROW APRIL 26TH! So I went back. One time I did 4 boxes of Total and used 4 $1.00 off 1 coupons making my total OOP $6.30, then factor in that gift card and that makes it $1.30 for 4 boxes or .32 each!

Here are a few more deals, I am just going to stack the photos and highlight the freebies and cheapies:


Ritz Munchables- 3 at $1 each with coupons
Ritz Crackerfuls -4 at $1 each with coupons
Suave Bodywash- 1 at $1.47 with coupon {I will do better on body wash in next photo}
Glade Spring spray- 2 at $0.99 each with coupons
Classico sauce- 3 ended up at $0.89 each with coupons
Nail Polish- 2 at $0.74 each with coupons
Floss- 4 at FREE each with coupons {I had 4 $1/1 MFG Q's and they were 0.97 each}
Johnson and Johnson First Aid go kits- 2 at 0.22 each after coupons. They just have band aids in them so they are not full kits.


Lysol Wipes- 2 at $0.39 each
Polish remover- 1 at $0.49 each
Glad Spring Spray- 2 at $0.99 each
NIVEA body wash - 2 at $0.04 each- yes, less than a dime for 2!
M&M's- 1 at FREE! For buying Rice Crispies.

The rest of the stuff was cheap but not as good as the 'under a bucks'


LYSOL Wipes- 2 at $0.39 each
Floss- 4 at FREE
First Aid $0.22 again and Free M&M's for buying Rice Crispies that were on sale and had a coupon for.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Hello it's been a while hasn't it? Well we have been moving and that has taken most of my free time.

It's much harder to swap levels, and move from upstairs to downstairs, and move all the stuff that's downstairs upstairs.

After this I'd much rather pack all my stuff up and move it to a new place! I think it would be much easier.


I've been using my new couponing skills to obtain some killer deals. I've stacked a couple of coupons here and there before, but I have reached all new heights lately.

By lately I mean in the past week. Has anyone seen the Extreme Couponing yet? It's on TLC.

Well I saw it's "debut" in December or January and I thought it was pretty amazing the deals these people got.

However what I didn't think was amazing was the hoarding tactics/possible coupon fraud.

I've watched two episodes and called it quits. They've all gotten some great deals, and a ton of stash, but its just so time consuming and can be super frustrating.

I will stick to the smaller scales ;)

I did a stack last weekend of a Benadryl manufacture coupon, and a Target web coupon for my Dad and haven't looked back!

I then skipped over to Smith's to grab some cheap cereal. And it was on!!!

I love coupons, I love stacking and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when I get something for under a buck, or better yet FREE!

My phone isn't syncing up with my computer for some reason but I will post some pictures of what I've gotten this week, and I will include what I did to get the price I got.

I have to thank Totally Target and Target Savers this week. They have provided some great inspiration!

I'd really like to get our food storage back up. We've been using it more than I would have liked lately. We used it one month for most of the month with the exception of some veggies, fruit, and dairy products. It gets us through our poor times.

Whether we admit it or not, we all have short months!

I'm learning so much and I can't wait to share all of my deals with you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Google Images Search

Good morning!

How is everyone? I am tired. I went to the Jazz game last night, then this morning, I hit Target before they opened to pick up my copy of Tangled! Myself and three other Mom's were there waiting when they unlocked the doors. It's a good thing too because the Target up in Centerville was out of the 4 Disc pack within 45 minutes! I got my copy for a few cents over $15.00 using 2 coupons and my Target debit card which gave me 5% more off!

If you don't have a Target DEBIT card, I highly recommend getting one. It links directly to your checking account so its not a credit card. They don't charge interest and they don't pull your credit to get it.

You get 5% off ALL purchases and the money just comes right out of your checking as if you paid with your checking card! Awesome right? Pair that with manufacturer's coupons and Target coupons that you can "stack" and you can get some pretty awesome deals! Plus every once in a while Target has some deals where if you buy a certain number of items say- 5 boxes of Pop Tarts, you get a $5 giftcard. And usually those items are on sale too. I did the Pop Tart one once and got 5 boxes of Pop Tarts at $2.00 each, then got a $5 giftcard. Now imagine if I'd had coupons AND my extra 5% off?

Anyway- I love Target- and I am not getting paid to say that! :o)

So I was going to make today a "Tailored Tuesday" and talk about furniture and my upcoming move to my basement. But I decided {while looking for images} to talk about the Google Images search option.

We've all heard of Google right? You just type in what you want and hit search.

Have you ever noticed that there are different options for your Google search? Like images or maps or videos?

Well if not, let me introduce you to Google Images!

Just select the images button,tab, link- whatever your browser has. Then type in your search criteria and VOILA! A ton of images come up!

So for today's original post idea I was going to show some images of tufted ottomans.

I typed it in, hit 'search' and tons and tons of beautiful {and some not so much} tufted ottomans came up on my screen!

How is that for going out to the webland to get inspiration?

Here is an example of my "tufted ottoman" search:

Sorry it looks a little distorted. I tried to manipulate the size in the HTML coding but since its a webpage it just started to pixelate.

Anyway, if you look up in the top left hand corner of my screen shot {click the pic to make it bigger} you can see that the word images is highlighted or bold. So you click on that, then type in your search criteria, in this case tufted ottoman and hit search and there it is!

Here is another example:

You can literally do this for anything! So awesome! Whenever I want to google anything- I always, always, always do an images search as well!

And...just to add more awesome-ness to your searches, Google also has a BLOG SEARCH FUNCTION!

You can do this by clicking on the word more up there in the left top corner and there is an arrow drop down, then select blog and it will pull in any blogs that have the words kids room in them. Then you will notice on the left that there are options such as post times and things like that. The more button is also located on the left of the screen when you are in images mode.

Easy Peasy and the inspiration options are endless!

So go out there and search to your hearts desire!!!

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thematic Thursday...

Thematic Thursday…

Welcome to my first ever Thematic Thursday!! Thematic Thursdays will happen every Thursday and will be focused on one theme or subject.

This week I am going to talk about kid’s beds and how to get the look of Pottery Barn Kids for less. I will reveal the tricks that Pottery Barn Kids uses to make their beds look so fantastic for their photo shoots, and show you how you can achieve the look with less effort and less money spent! That is something we can all live with right?

Whenever I am browsing out on the web for decoration inspiration for my daughter’s room, I always come across these fabulously made beds. No matter how hard I try I can never achieve the same look. Any guesses as to why?

First- because we don’t style our kiddos rooms for photos everyday.

Second- Because we don’t style our kids rooms everyday, we have the basics- one to two pillows, a sheet set and a single comforter/duvet.

Let’s take a look at the photo below and see if we can identify what sets this bed apart from our own:

See how fluffy and full it all looks? This is a photo highlighting a quilt. As you can see though, it sure looks like there is a lot more than a quilt under there. That is because there is a big fluffy comforter under the quilt. You can see it in the photo below- its pink and in between the quilt and the top sheet. See?

The items pictured on this bed include:

Standard sleeping pillow
Standard pillow {sham}
Euro pillow {sham}
Duvet cover
Down insert
Brooke Sheets
3 pillow inserts for shams listed above
Tulle bed skirt
2 decorative owl pillows
One small sqaure pillow and insert

For your bed to look like this it will cost you $755.00 at Pottery Barn Kids. That includes everything listed above if purchased from PBK. This is for everything pictured in the second picture. Bedding only, no furniture.

By the way…all of this is pricing for a twin bed.

If you have two or three kids and you are on a budget- like most of us are, that is WAY TOO MUCH to spend on bedding for your kids, that let’s face it, can care less if they spill, color on or generally make it dirty.

If you are not shopping for a quilt you will see a bed like this:

This is the bed set my kiddo has. I love it. I loved it so much, I sold some stuff on eBay to get it, to create the “perfect” first time big girl bed.

Imagine my surprise when I got home and put it all together and her bed didn’t look perfect like this!

Want to know the trick? They have TWO comforters in the duvet cover! Easy Peasy! It is all about layering, but I assure you, this can be accomplished on a budget.

This bed has cute sheets that for a twin cost $59.00 a set. I don’t have these sheets. I have flannel polka dot sheets that I got on sale at Target for $10 and my kiddo’s bed is a full size.

See if I’d gone with PBK sheets it would have been $79.00, seriously- for 200 thread count cotton sheets? For a kid? I don’t think so friends.

Now PBK is known for their oh so cute bedding, that makes you want to sell something just so you can get it. You get the catalog and most times unless you are lucky on eBay, you absolutely cannot find the same prints someplace else. So you have to compromise.

Here are the things you can get to achieve a fluffy, full Potter Barn-esque bed:

{I picked a look-a-like similar to the first photo with the owls and trees}

The first pick is all of the items on the first owl bed...








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And below are some cute Target finds that feature the owl/woodsy theme, and come in at a price set to afford more decorative accessories!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

So it's Friday. My mind has been going about a million miles an hour lately. I've started two new businesses and continue to work full time and be a Mommy full time. The work-life-family scale has been tipped this way and that, and still doesn't seem to be balancing out.
I've been avoiding posting anything because I haven't really felt I had anything blog worthy to talk about.
I have a lot to say. I wish I was able to report that I have been doing a lot, but my plans have been put on hold temporarily.
With the economy the way it is, my parents have found themselves in a pickle and will be relocating back to Utah to live with me and my family. Hopefully this is more on the temporary side.
They lived here once before and when my Dad relocated my Mom stayed here. Most people would find this to be a great scenario. But it wasn't. My Mom has never been very "grandma-ey" and reminded us daily that she is not a built in babysitter. Which is funny because when she stayed she promised to watch my daughter part time so she wouldn't go to daycare full time. That lasted about a month. Anytime we wanted to go out as a couple, or even if I just wanted to go out (my husband had an odd schedule) it was hell to pay to have her watch my kiddo. She'd agree with enthusiasm and then when it came down to me actually needing to leave I had to wait and wait and wait for her to emerge. Often times being late to wherever I was going. her living with us ended after a huge blowout with her and my husband and her perception that she is somehow entitled to respect but didn't need to give it.
My Mom and I had always been close. I love her very much. But now that I am a parent, of all people, I expected her NOT to judge me.
Hopefully with my Dad here- things will be smoother.
Which brings me to my next item, not only are they moving in with us- we are taking the finished basement and they are taking my main level!! Yikes! The stuff we do for family right?
So my decorating and organizing projects have been put on hold for a while since I am hauling all my stuff downstairs...where there is no full kitchen...

But I do have some things coming up! I have a bunch of fun RIBBA frames from IKEA for a gallery wall. I have new bedding..that I will need to exchange for a different size...and I will get to redecorate my daughters room as I move her bedroom in to where her playroom is! So those are some exciting things coming up!

While we wait here are some fun inspiration photos!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello. Greetings from the laziest blogger on the planet. I am super busy trying to get a few new things in order so I have again been neglecting my delicious cotton candy.
I wanted to take a moment and mention an awesome giveaway I was referred to today. It is for a photography workshop called The Big Picture. It sounds right up my alley. I have entered to win {hopefully I will} and cannot wait. I will be talking to my husband to see if we can splurge for me to pay for the workshop in the event I don't win!

Here are the links:

Well you are going to have to copy and paste in your browser because my links are not working for whatever reason! Lame :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Are you ready for this?

So I work full time. Most of last week I worked late and Monday night I stayed until 6:30.

Tuesday morning my daughter and I were on our way to work and pre-school and she coughed so hard she threw up in the car. Last week we'd had to take her up to my husbands parents because she had a fever, she's been fighting a cold for a week or so.

So I missed work yesterday and last night she woke up at 2 something AM and was just coughing non-stop, that lasted a little past 4. With some cough drops, vapor rub and water- she stopped coughing completely and fell back asleep.

So when it was time to get up for work, I decided that I was going to let her sleep. She slept until almost 10- which NEVER happens! When she woke up, one of her eyes was soooo bloodshot! :o(

So it's been a Disney Channel and lots of water day today. Of course she woke up coughing again. But we've taken it easy all day.

My house has been a WRECK since Christmas. My little abode cannot accomodate so many people all at once, having company involved the leaf in the table, the Christmas tree involved completely rearranging the living room to fit it all. My next house will have a more square family room and more space between the dinig area and the family room. Basically it will be bigger with a better layout and NO CORNER FIREPLACE- that will be a whole other post!

Anyway, sitting here for two days has driven me nuts! It's such a mess- it makes me want to flee and never return.

Here is what my kitchen table has looked like since Christmas. I really should have taken this picture Saturday, because there was a whole lot more on this table...

See the part there on the left that doesn't really have anything covering it? That is the area where we eat so we have simply either re-located the items to the bar right behind the table, or just pushed everything further to the right.

Well I got sick of looking at it. So I decided today was the perfect day to SIMPLIFY. So rather than waiting for all the planets to align- I decided to sort it all out!

I've been slowly sorting all of my papers, magazine clippings, endless lists and recipes in to file folders- which may eventually make it in to a binder- but for now I am happy with the papers being sorted and living with like items in file folders. Here is the after:

See in the first picture I've sorted all of my papers in to file folders. There are like 20 of them!

But everything is nice and tucked away where it goes! Until I decide to hyper organize it and get it in to binders.

The next picture is with all that cleared away, and the last one is just how I like to see it- cleared off and simple with just my little urn- thingy!

Anyway- one thing off my list. Tomorrow {hopefully} I will post some other pictures of things I hope to get accomplished and SIMPLIFY!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Simplify {verb \ˈsim-plə-ˌfī\}

Simplify. That is my word of the year. Simplified. Simplifying.

: to make simple or simpler: as

a : to reduce to basic essentials

b : to diminish in scope or complexity : streamline

c : to make more intelligible : clarify

It's what I hope to achieve this year. In every sense.

I get so involved in trying to make everything perfect, that it never is, resulting in nothing getting done. Which then results in me having feelings of guilt, animosity and regret.

I've spent the last two years saying things like "well if the house were more organized and clean, I might be more inclined to _______________" Insert any phrase here: go to school, be relaxed, have more time with my daughter, have more me time, do more get the idea.

After one year you'd think I would have learned my lessons. Complaining about it and over planning has created the feelings of being overwhelmed so I haven't achieved anything. Seriously, it's like the stars have to align for me to get to something- always feeling like B,C and D needs to be done before I can even start A on my list.

I spent the last couple months of 2010 organizing some areas and purging. I feel really good about that, but I have a long way to go.

My blog posts have been hit and miss, but this year I plan on using this space to not only to journal my progress, but to have a spot to hold myself accountable to completing things.

I wrote this post last night {01/11/11} but Blogger or my computer froze up and they were not at all working together.

So instead of rambling, I am going to do a post for today {1/12/11}!!