Friday, October 15, 2010

Two in a row...

Hi there...again! Look at me with two in a row! I'm so ambitious!

As you know I am in the midst of project re-organize!

Last night I didn't get to it though...I went to the FotoFly fall open house. Have any of you heard of Foto Fly?

It's an indoor photography studio in Draper, Utah. Being a photographer I wouldn't usually plug another studio, but since they specialize in indoor, studio setting photography- why not? I won't be opening a studio anytime soon!

Anyway, for about $79 you get your session and the disc...not sure what prints may come with it- but the disc is worth a million bucks! So many people ~ahem~ excluding me, charge like $200 for the disc....really? That's too much! I think everyone deserves to be able to capture the memories of family, friends, events- no matter what their income is!

Check out Foto Fly, and if you'd like some outdoor, on location photos check me out at

I will be adding lots of new photos over the weekend, and I will also be adding a "schedule now" tab for easy online scheduling! Fancy Schmnacy!

Happy Friday!

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