Friday, October 15, 2010

Two in a row...

Hi there...again! Look at me with two in a row! I'm so ambitious!

As you know I am in the midst of project re-organize!

Last night I didn't get to it though...I went to the FotoFly fall open house. Have any of you heard of Foto Fly?

It's an indoor photography studio in Draper, Utah. Being a photographer I wouldn't usually plug another studio, but since they specialize in indoor, studio setting photography- why not? I won't be opening a studio anytime soon!

Anyway, for about $79 you get your session and the disc...not sure what prints may come with it- but the disc is worth a million bucks! So many people ~ahem~ excluding me, charge like $200 for the disc....really? That's too much! I think everyone deserves to be able to capture the memories of family, friends, events- no matter what their income is!

Check out Foto Fly, and if you'd like some outdoor, on location photos check me out at

I will be adding lots of new photos over the weekend, and I will also be adding a "schedule now" tab for easy online scheduling! Fancy Schmnacy!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm sorry I'm so distracted!

Hi there! It's been almost a month again since my last post. I hate to do that to you! My intentions are good I promise! I have a lot of fun projects planned, but...have a few things to tend to before I can get to those projects.
My main distraction right now is prepping my house for winter and getting that "fall cleaning" done. Unfortunately for me this is quite the task because my hubby and I both work full time and we have a little girl. So sometimes our "to do" list becomes a "will do sometime" list.
This week was going good on moving through that list though...until last night when I attempted to tackle my closet.
I mentioned in a previous post the importance of observing how your family/household runs~ remember, I said we are a very "needs to see it" family? And I meant that we like to see things so we remember they are there. An example would be food...sometimes when we stick things away in the pantry we forget about them. So in our organizing and making things pretty, we need to make sure that whatever change we make incorporates our need and like to "see" everything easily.
Over the last few weeks-since we last chatted- I've notice quite a few things about us: 1. I habitually walk all my stuff in to the house and set it on the kitchen table or the kitchen counter- NOT ACCEPTABLE! 2. Our little girl changes her outfits like 4 times when we get home from the day. Also unacceptable! SO MUCH LAUNDRY! 3. I wish I had a magic wand...the mess and clutter has overwhelmed me!
So....I made an executive decision that my little ones clothes will go in our closet until she gets used to them not being in hers. We've seen a lot less laundry in the past few weeks but that has resulted in absolute chaos in our closet! So after cleaning my bathroom Monday night and it looking beautiful for two days...I decided it was time to re-organize the closet. MISTAKE! I thought it'd take like an hour, easy-peasy right? Um no!!!!After about an hour and being on a step ladder that was not quite sturdy I gave up....leaving the closet a mess and the bathroom a mess. I went in unprepared and didn't realize that I may really need a few basic supplies. Those supplies...don't judge me...are those plastic rubbermaid drawer sets! I think they are awful to look at...but they will be in the closet and help so much! I'd go with and oldish dresser but I dont have the budget for that right now...and I am guaranteed the drawer depth I need by those plastic ones because I already have one set. Eeeek! I know. But sometimes to be functional means sucking it up and getting something that is not pretty. But HEY!! It's in the closet...