Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So far my blog is pretty boring...

So far my blog is pretty boring. It seems like a journal. I hope that some day someone reads it, and that I have some bloggy friends and "followers". I am still trying to figure all of this stuff out. There are so many beautiful blogs out there with great content and I hope to someday be on of those!
I spent a great deal of time this afternoon taking pictures of my wreck of a house in preparation for the major organization overhaul that is about to come.
I've organized before...again and again and again....but in my current cycle of being overwhelmed by the mess and clutter, I realized something. I was organizing before based on what I thought looked pretty- not what worked for my family! It was like a giant light bulb went off! It was my epiphany of the year!
I have all of my daughters clothes from newborn size to her recently grown out of 3T size. I am talking bins and bins and piles and stacks here, I need to get rid of them. I need to get rid of anything that my hands have not touched in 6 months, unless it was expensive- like jewelry rarely worn or something. All this clutter is so overwhelming!!
I realized over the past couple of weeks (I have been paying close attention to our habits) that we are a 'needs to see it family'. Meaning: we always leave things out where we can see them, we use them and put them back- not where they go- but where we picked them up from.
I think the cause of this is the lack of convenient storage in the house we live in. My next house will have built in storage every place I can put it!!
So I am out to de-clutter us, organize us and make it all functional!

Please stay tuned for my story of organization and preventing my clutter triggered nervous breakdown!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Shower

Today I hosted a Baby Shower for my good friend Jenny. I had it at my house at 10 a.m.

The Mommy to be had requested it be a "brunch thing" so that she could make sure that her sister could attend.

So after I thought about the traditional "brunch" fare, I had decided that I really did NOT want my house to smell like bacon and eggs all day. I also didn't want to have to worry about making a million waffles either.

So I opted for a 'Make your own Yogurt Parfait" stand. I purchased strawberry, plain and vanilla yogurt, maple and vanilla granola crunch, and frozen berries. I also made bacon and served blueberry and chocolate chip mini muffins.

I just used simple plastic SOLO cups that were clear, and let people stack their ingredients in themselves. I really wanted fancy cups for them, but none seem to suit how I pictured it in my head. I figured if the Nordstrom E-bar can serve them in plastic cups- than so can I!

For games I took a que from House of Smiths, and did the guess how many "Baby" Ruths are in the jar, I also did the popular measuring the Mommy's belly guessing game. My third game was one I'd never done before- you give each guest a crayon and a paper plate, have them write their name on the inside of the plate (what you'd eat off of) and then you have them put it on their head- name side down and take one minute to draw a baby- one handed, not looking and with the plate on their heads! Although we have all known each other quite some time, it still really got everyone talking and mingling. I highly recommend it!

For game prizes I gave out $5 Target gift cards, a Vanilla Cupcake candle, 2 metal inspirational bookmarks, a Scentsy Travel Tin and Scentsy Car Candle- I know they changed the name of this, but I don't remember what it was changed to. :o)

And for my party favors- instead of racking my brain trying to figure out what to get and make it both budget friendly and fun, I opted to make a kitchen lemon hand scrub. I packaged it in canning jars and topped it with a ribbon, a tag to label it and topped the jar with stickers that said "thanks for coming".

Here are my photos: