Monday, July 19, 2010

My very first post.....

This is my first post...and my first blog.

I am not sure exactly what this blog will consist of, but I do know a few things it will include:

1. Projects; I {heart} projects!

2. Anything food: Recipes, Restaurant Reviews, Storage, Presentation, etc.

3. Organizing ideas...

4. Interior Design Ideas...

5. Inspiration.....I use this term loosely :o)

So hopefully I will find an audience that enjoys all of these things as much as I do!

Happy Reading!


  1. yay! Go go go, do it all! :)
    It's so fun to have a place to put all your creativeness!
    You'll love blogging once you get started :)
    Good luck girl, and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
    ~Shelley Smith

  2. Thanks Shelley! I have so many things sitting and waiting for me to get to and post, I don't know where to start!